What Channel Is The Game On?

What Channel Is The Game On?

Bleacher Buddy is a free app that provides exact channels and times for pro & college sports. Designed with two things in mind, the speed and efficiency of finding the game on TV has never been easier. Find the game, chat with other users, and get alerts when your favorite teams play. Say goodbye to channel flipping, and hello to Bleacher Buddy.

App Features


Get exact channels for every game on any Cable or Satellite provider in the United States. Never ask what channel the game is on again.


Eastern time? Central time? Let the app figure it out. By launching the app, every game time is converted to your current timezone.


We track the games so you don't have to. Flag your favorite teams, and we'll notify you within an hour of the game starting.


What fun is watching the game alone? Interact with fans all around the United States with SmackChat, our live chat system, every game.


There are over 40,000 Zip codes in the United States, and our app works in every single one of them. Go ahead, try to stump us!


Let your friends know about BleacherBuddy by sharing it on your Twitter or Facebook. The headache of finding the game stops here!

Bleacher Buddies

What our users are saying about us

Never wrote a review for the hundreds of apps I have. This one deserves it. I always know what channel to find any game I want. Never waste time wondering or searching! Top Notch!

: -KOrth87

I live in an area where my college team is usually not available to watch but with this app I have found my schools games on channels I didn't even know were available. Works great!

: -Albert

Most useful sports app I use it every day, year-round and have had no problems. It's been a real time saver and is so simple to use. My favorite app!

: -Tim

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We've helped people find games in over 5,900 Zip codes, and we're just getting started.


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